When Leaders Don’t Communicate Effectively

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Public Speaking | 9 comments

I believe many organizations, almost all organizations they’re looking to reduce this gap. The gap between what leaders are expecting from their subordinates and what subordinates are delivering.

Gap Between Leaders and Team Members Thought Process

Most of the time when we see this kind of gaps, of course, there is a lack of productivity because a role of leaders to give direction and the role of subordinates is to follow the direction and achieve what the companies and leaders want to achieve.

Of course, I also believe in this point, that leaders have to be a little flexible whenever they are giving direction and they should give opportunity to the subordinates to add their point also, whenever they’re executing.

Are Subordinates Always At Fault?

But whenever there is a gap like this, most of the time leaders believe this, this gap is because subordinates are not executing the things the way they want. Maybe the reason behind this is lack of skills, lack of intention, lack of interest.

Could You As a Leader Be Lacking The Skill To Communicate Expectations?

But have you ever thought like this as a leader that maybe I am not able to persuade, I’m not able to convince, I am not able to influence, I’m not able to impress my team members the way I’m putting my direction in front of them.

Is There A scope of Improvement?

Maybe there’s a scope of improvement there. I must tell you, the last 20 years, I got an opportunity to work with many leaders and I see not every time when there is a gap, only subordinates are responsible.

Sometimes even leaders are responsible for this gap.


  1. Shekhar Khobrekar

    According to me LEADERS should always carry responsibility even if the subordinate fails,and if the project is successful then the Leader should give the credit to the subordinates.If this policy is practiced by any individual,then everybody would be eager to work with him.There is a classic example.When APJ Abdul Kalam was a Project Director for SLV-1,it failed and the rocket carrying the satellite crashed in Bay of Bengal.That time the Chairman of Atomic Energy was Mr Saran.Mr Saran took a press conference and declared that it is his failure.He asked for one more year to investigate what went wrong.After one year the rocket was launched successfully.But,this time he remained back and brought Prof APJ Abdul Kalam in front and said that the credit of this launching goes to Prof APJ Abdul Kalam and his team for successfully launching the satellite in the orbit.

    • K SETTU

      Leader has the responsibility to empower his team and enable them in being action fulfilling their goal. The responsibility always stays with the leader to own the team and win the desired goal.

  2. Bhavesh Prajapati

    I concurred the views presented. Effective communication even more important while one is handling large team. The team expect a clear direction from the top and immediate solution to resolve customer services.

  3. Minaxi Upadhyay

    Yes many a times leader is responsible because they do not empower their staff with freedom of taking their own initiative to complete and conduct a task. Due to which trust is not built and because of which outcome suffers. The Ego and attitudes acts as an obstruction in positivity of the leader.
    There are handful of leaders who believes in imparting their roles and responsibilities , due to which the person grows and performs his responsibilities with 100% of dedication as trust is built between leader and the subordinates. This enhances the final productivity, due to which the institution grows.

  4. Suresh

    Nowadays we see only selfish and cut throat top level executives and no leaders at all.

  5. Ganesh Communicates

    Leadership and Communications. Each one is in itself a huge ocean of learning/ benefits. But as I showcase in my forthcoming book, it is in their overlap that the effect is most visible.(Both positive and negative).
    It is good if Leaders realize this soon enough and pay more attention to their communications. Both spoken/ written and the unspoken/ unwritten.

  6. Tariq Nafees Siddiqui

    Internal and external communication are absolutely different yet the both include leader and subordinate. Communication between these two is a matter of trust which is not developed overnight.
    Trusting the words of leaders by subordinates require many essential fields like “not being a boss”, rewards, perfect balance between centralisation and decentralisation of power, a vibrating vicious cycle among delegation, authority and accountability.

  7. Dr. Aman Gupta

    A great leader is one who herself/himself may not be doing great things, but is the one who makes the others around him/her feel great!
    The communication between the leader and the team members can never be one way. It has to be a flow of ideas and thats always bidirectional.

  8. Kumaravelu

    i accept that LEADER – lacking in 4 areas especially persuading, convincing, influencing and impress the team members is the true fact in LACK OF PRODUCTIVITY.

    I am one such leader before now I am improving this 4 areas little by little doing some self improvement activities and getting much better result than before.


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