When Politicians Fail, Who Is Responsible?

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Public Speaking | 12 comments

 I think it’s very simple to understand that why politicians, they give so many promises.

Why they give so many promises?

It’s very simple to understand this because they’re giving promises on behalf of something.

On behalf of that position. As chief minister, as prime minister, I can do that.

That’s not his personal promise, I think. That promise is only as per the position that person is going to acquire. That’s true.

Then why we feel bad about it when they are not able to fulfill the promises which they have made because the selection was yours only.

Yours only, you only selected. It’s not his decision. His was the request, you selected. Your decision has gone wrong, not politicians.

So, don’t go on promises of politician, go on the background of politician, going background, don’t go on promises. You have not selected that person who has come to you for interview and said, I will do this. I will do that.

Have you ever selected that kind of guy? You see the background of that guy. See the background of your politician. Don’t see the promise.


  1. Krishna

    99% of peoples don’t know, why we are voting

  2. alfred devanesan samuel

    I booked a course and was not able to attend that webinar.
    can I get any other slot to attend.

  3. Md. Minhajul Alam

    Very good perspective Praveen. Love it. Nice. I am one of your students from Kolkata. I’m seeing that you are reprogramming all of your stuffs like website, training method etc. It’s great to keep always improving. I’m learning many things from you.
    Thanks and regards.
    Minhaj Alam

  4. Nidhi Gupta

    Reading something with our own understanding and listening to the same thing from somebody else holds a lot of difference. When I read the passage, it was not very appealing but after listening to it, I was able to make a better connection.
    The content is very simple to understand but the way it is spoken, adds leaning.

  5. Prefer to remain anonymous

    The voting system is not new in our country, we all know how it works. We all know they make promises. But we never vocalize when that promise isn’t fulfilled because deep down, we know it will not be. We actually don’t expect it them to be fulfilled.

    I’ll tell you why. The quality of a promise made my a person of power, more often than not, is proportional to the time it takes to fulfill that promise. I’ll give you an example. If you vote for me, I will change the education system…vs…if you vote for me, I’ll give you a kitchen appliance, or a TV.

    Now, we know which the logical choice is. We know that the education system needs our attention. But a large proportion of the voters are either daily wage workers, or are living on a tight budget. They don’t care at that time about the larger picture. They care that they are getting ready cash, an appliance they need, a necessity for the house they need to save up for months to buy on their own.

    So they pick the short term reward choice, rather than the one that doesn’t directly benefit them. This makes up majority of the population.

    The rest of the learned population does what it was going to do before the promises were made, because they know changing the education system isn’t going to happen soon, and they aren’t interest led in a bee kitchen appliance. So they also don’t really expect it.

    And most people in a position of power know that. No one really expects the promises to be fulfilled.

    That’s just my opinion, though. I may be wrong.

  6. Sreenath reddy Poola



    some politicians are very fair of their promises
    they were good in humanity

  8. Ajit Kumar

    The million dollar question is how to make a sycophantic population understand the importance of their existence.

  9. Ignatius Hansdak

    We have to see the quality of the person, his/her capability and integrity irrespective of the party affiliation.

  10. Dhrubajyoti Paul

    Well Said Sir.

  11. Prashanth

    I booked a course and was not able to attend that webinar.
    can I get any other slot to attend.

  12. Mathew Kalayathinal

    Politicians fail because of the greed of the electorate. To illustrate : X is the Prime Minister. Petrol is selling @60/litre. Y promises to bring it down to 40. You, whose vote helped X to win now switch loyalty and vote for Y. Of course Y wins(you are not the only greedy one in the country). Of course price does not come down. Perhaps it goes up.

    Who is to be blamed, Y or you? Of course Y is to be blamed for making unrealistic promises. But he knew that you could not be swayed, weaned away by realistic promises.



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