When You Fail In School, Remember This

by | Jul 12, 2020 | Public Speaking | 4 comments

PS: This is an old write-up but still relevant in today’s time.

Passed? Congratulations!

Now results of board exams got revealed recently and we are seeing so many posts on Facebook, on WhatsApp, few students have got 90%, 92%, 95%. Congratulations to all these students. You will text congratulations to those students who have passed this year. 

Failed? Big Congratulations!

But a big congratulation to those who have failed this year. Yes, because now you have a special opportunity, which these people do not have, to practice the world’s four most powerful words and if we learn to speak these four words in your life, nothing can stop you.

But to practice these four words you have to fail. I Remember failing so many times in my life, .I failed in ninth standard. I repeated my ninth standard that entire year. But that is not my favorite failure. 

My Biggest Failure

My favorite failure was just a few years back in 2011, we were doing very well in our life. I was married with our 6 years old son. Me and my wife were in our corporate job. We were having an absolutely cool, stable life. And suddenly we decided to start a business. We quit our jobs, and started business with collective 20 years of learning and earnings, we started a business and within one year, we failed. 

We lost everything but when I say we lost everything, that doesn’t mean only the earnings of the last 10 years and home gold or even when we started losing things like sofa, fridge, washing machine, we started selling all these things to manage that business. And one day, the break point arrived. 

How To Buy The Train Ticket?

I remember my wife coming to me and saying Praveen, there is a meeting in Bandra and you should go for that meeting. I said Yes, of course I will go but there’s a problem. She said What? I said I don’t have even 20 rupees to buy the local train ticket. I went home. I remember that day my son was sitting in the hall watching TV. I started searching for the 20 rupees in the hall. I didn’t get it and when I went to the kitchen I started searching there, I didn’t get it.

I Stole

Then I went to my bedroom and then my attention was dragged by a small, yellow round piggy bank of my six years old son. I took a deep breath and locked the door from inside and I robbed that piggy bank that day. 

Fear of Getting Caught

When I was about to exit the main door, my son said dad, for a moment I thought he caught me red handed, but he just said bye dad. That day when I was walking on the road, that was the heaviest walk I’ve ever taken. In my life, because of the weight of the coins in my pocket, in the evening me and my wife were discussing, we said, we failed terribly. 

Four Most Powerful Words

That was the same feeling which you have right now, after failing. I said we failed but it was an opportunity for us to practice the world’s four most powerful words, I Will Try Again. And today wherever we are in our life, personal life, in professional life wherever we are, the success that we have seen is because we have learned to fail and then we have learned to speak these four words after every failure, I will try again. 

Failure Is Inevitable

Because you like it, or you don’t like it, you will fail in your life. Few are failing now and few will fail later. You will fail. If someone is saying I will never fail in my life. It means you’re not trying difficult and challenging things in your life. Because when you try difficult things, initially you will fail. But what decides the success and failure in anyone’s life is our ability to speak these four words. And we can speak these four words only when we feel if we have failed,

So, Congratulations ! For Failing..

Congratulations. Because now you have an opportunity to practice these four words. I Will Try Again. If we learn these four words, nothing is impossible. So, if you have failed, get up and say these four words.


  1. sanjay

    inspiring and ask myself to stand again to do things diiferetly to achieve target.


    Inspiring Praveen Sir

  3. varinder jindal

    really a hard step taken by you. i am one also who ran from house after 10th exam. Though i passed the exam with pass mark marks. the reason behind to ran from the house was that i want to study further but my father and one of my uncle did not want. They want to do some work so that earning can be increased.I belong to a very small and poor family.At that time my uncle bring me back, they came to know where i was. At that time my mother support me for further study and i got the admission in college and pass my graduation in commerce stream.

  4. Senthil KR

    Inspiring story and motivational. It needs a character to assess the situation and take the right decision to start afresh as you did with magical four words ‘I will try again’.

    The story leads a another debatable topic related to the assessment and end results with pass / fail. Looking forward for the story on this topic.



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