Where Should I Publish My eLearning Course?

by | May 22, 2020 | eLearning | 1 comment

So now that you have created your very first online course, what to do with it, would be your next question. 


BTW, if you haven’t read my blog on why you start an eLearning business and how to create an eLearning course, there are these two blog posts that you must read first. 

What to do and Why to do. 

When you decide to publish your course on Udemy, first go to Udemy and apply as an instructor. 

When you apply as an instructor on Udemy, you have to fill a simple form and you have to upload a video also. 

Within 2-3 days, you will receive an email from Udemy. Most of the time they will approve your application to become an instructor. 

Make sure to follow these three guidelines first before applying as an instructor.. 

  1. Quality of Video, that’s why I told you the importance of having good lighting. 
  2. Quality of Audio, that’s why I told you to use a microphone for recording.
  3. Quality of Content, that’s why I told you to do the research in my blog “Myth That People Have About eLearning Business”. 

If you follow the above three guidelines, then you will be approved as an instructor. Even they need trainers as much as you need to publish your eLearning course. 

Once your single video application as an instructor is approved, then you can upload your full video course as an instructor. 

Make sure that you have got your videos uploaded. To get the guide on how to optimise video editing, read this blog post. 

The video uploading process is very simple. You have to add the title and upload each lesson, then the next video title and upload the video and so on. 

Now, once you have uploaded the video course on udemy, make it free of cost for at least 10 days. You will not earn anything but you will accomplish a lot of things as a byproduct. 

When you make your online course for free for 10 days, there are already many students on Udemy and some of them will enroll for your course. Not only will they watch your course and learn from it but they will also give you ratings on it. 

The best part about this process is that you are getting free valuable feedback. Some of you will say that Praveen, what if they give me negative feedback. If you do get negative feedback, you need to improve your content, better your course, take feedback constructively. 

Don’t be afraid of evaluation and rating. How long are you going to live under fear of being judged. 

After 10 days when you make your video course paid, you will at least have 1000 students who would have given feedback/rating. This will make the decision making for future students easier. 

You might not earn much from Udemy. Even I have earned just USD 700 from Udemy. 

The payment structure for Udemy is like this. If you are sharing the Udemy link (your special link), then you earn the maximum, almost 99% of share. If people are coming organically and they want to learn about leadership and from google they land on your Udemy course, then the share is 50-50 %. But if Udemy is sharing your course to their student base via FB ad, google ad, then you get 25%. 

Whatever you earn on Udemy is your passive income. And it is the most important step in the process of setting up an eLearning Business. This step cannot be avoided because the feedback that you are getting from students spread across so many countries will help you build your credibility and help you improve your product quality. And this feedback will be crucial to make it big in the eLearning and online space. 

Your skill in the online world and your ability to make a good quality product (online course) will strengthen your personal brand. 

And that’s why you should first publish your course on Udemy.

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