Why Do People Get Annoyed By Watching Ads On Social Media?

by | May 19, 2021 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

Sometimes people say this problem, there are too many sponsored ads every time when you open Facebook, YouTube, you see new ads, it’s very annoying. I have two perspectives on this. There are two ways we can look to this thing.

Number one, if people like us stop sponsoring, or giving money to Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, they have to close their shop by the way. The money they get only because people like us, we give money to them to sponsor ads to reach the correct people who are interested in buying what we want to sell.

Now also, some say “social media is not for selling”, social media is for selling only ladies and gentlemen, understand that. Most of the time, we don’t have the correct perspective towards selling.

What do I mean by selling by the way? Selling is nothing but you have developed something with a lot of commitment, passion, dedication, a lot of hard work, and then you have that because of that you have a lot of benefits in your life. And you say, I can give this. Are there any people who are hungry and thirsty for this?

World Is Looking For Free Content Only

Now, because world is looking for free content only, one is looking only for free things, then you don’t want to give, you have to validate it, whether the people are serious or not serious.

And whether you like it or don’t like it, unfortunately, human beings have decided is that the easiest validation to find out whether someone is serious or not serious is “money”, that piece of paper which human beings have created.

So, you said okay, you invest, and then because you’re investing money because you are buying it means you’re serious, and because you’re serious, when I am serious, and I’m giving back to you. That is called selling.

What is wrong in this? Someone is thirsty, hungry, someone has food and water and give it to them that person quench that thirst and hunger. So, the way we look towards selling, it has been towards that selling is not good. By the way, I must tell you it’s not about selling only tangible things. It’s not about answering that question how to sell this pin.

Whether you like it or not like it we all are sales people. Few people are selling online courses, few people are selling tickets for webinars, and a few people are selling their ideas, thoughts, values suggestion and stories.

We all have to sell; we have to learn how to sell. So, first perspective is that if we stop giving money to these social media platforms, they will go bankrupt. So, we have to; number one.

Is It So Easy To Irritate You Or Make You Angry?

Number two, especially those people who say Praveen, it’s very annoying. It’s like, if you’re watching ads on Facebook, you can always skip, if you’re watching ads on YouTube, you can skip after five seconds, a few seconds.

So, are you saying that something is annoying to you? Within five to say six seconds of your eyes is irritating for you, is it so easy to annoy you?  Is it so easy to irritate you or make you angry?

So, when you listen to some spiritual gurus and a spiritual guru say something like this, that it’s not easy to make me angry, you yeah, yeah, yes, I would like that. said he is like that. Five seconds? Five seconds ad? You can skip it right after five seconds. So, if it is so easy to make you angry, and then I think you have to really reconsider that you should not give license to someone else to make you angry so easily.

So, to be very precise to those people who are not liking when people like me or people like us who want to sell or want to make ads on social media, I just want to say one thing. Selling is your responsibility.

The second don’t give liberty to people to make you angry in just few seconds. That’s my perspective. What’s your perspective?  

This is Praveen signing out until we meet again.


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