Why Interest And Self-Discipline Are Needed

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Praveen Wadalkar: The video content can be a good marketing tool, but not the solution. It could be a good marketing tool that we have 100 hours of content available.

But I know what percentage of people actually complete 21 days programs and other courses.

I know how many online courses I’ve enrolled in and completed, not even a single book I’ve read from this, I will tell you there are so many. I will show you certain books you will get surprised by the title of the books.

See the book, ‘Reimagining Pakistan’. Why I bought this book?

So when I went to Kashmir, when I was in Kashmir, and my definition of Kashmir was no Kashmir’s landscapes and water and mountains. I was on the road, truck after truck, army truck after truck.

I said where are Kashmiris, these all are armies, we are spending huge amounts of money only to save that small piece of land.

I don’t know why either let me read about it.

So, what I did, came back and I thought now I will learn about India Pakistan, the real story of Kashmir, and all the books, this is the only one, I will tell you so many books I have only on Kashmir.

Losing Interest

Pakistan, the partition of India, went on Amazon and ordered all possible books on Kashmir. Amazon took almost seven to eight days to deliver all these books.

So by the time all these books came I lost interest and not even read ever. So all, not even a single book I’ve read. All nonsense books here, only for decoration purpose behind.

Similarly, people buy an online course that they don’t complete.

How many of you agree with this?

They don’t complete, tell me why they don’t complete online courses?

Surabhi Jain: Consistency is not there. Interest is lost. it’s monotonous.

Praveen Wadalkar: What is monotonous?

Surabhi Jain: Somewhere it’s boring. So I tried everything I developed by course. I tried playing the videos in my live session so that children may watch videos created by hard work.

Praveen Wadalkar: Tell me, have you completed my 21 days program?

Surabhi Jain: Yeah, that I did.

Praveen Wadalkar: Is it boring?

Surabhi Jain: No, it’s not boring it is wonderful.

Praveen Wadalkar: But why people are not completing?

Surabhi Jain: The trainers are not able to capture that interest. There are very few trainers.

Praveen Wadalkar: I’m saying that I take the liberty of saying I am amongst those trainers who created 21 days program.
But people are saying that Praveen I have completed 21 days program I’m getting the benefit, right?

Within my capacity, I tried my best to speak in such a way, even in 21 days program and even the new product which I have launched public speaking checker.

There’s a new product I have launched is a five years public speaking checker where you will be able to learn where are you in public speaking after self-analysis only.

It’s five hours step by step, in three steps only you will understand where are you in public speaking.

People are not completing it.

In 21 days program, people are not completing 21 days program.

My question is that, imagine for a moment you have made a very interactive program.

Online courses – why people are still not completing online courses? Why people are buying and still not reading books?

Surabhi Jain: To be very honest, I didn’t complete 21 days program before joining the community.

And I joined the community when I found my shortcomings, drawbacks as compared to the other people that I went back. Then I completed the 21-day course.

And then I made it a ritual that I have to watch for 10 minutes, I have to watch you be it any course after completing the 21 days course all the courses which were there, over there.

I have to give 10 minutes daily so that I learn something and every course was a little big because after I found my drawbacks as compared to the other.

Importance of Self-Discipline

Then, the community helped me more than the courses.

Praveen Wadalkar: The community has inspired you. But what has helped you to complete the course is self-discipline.
10 minutes every day, 20 minutes every day, I lack the self-discipline of completing that book.

Before self-discipline, interest should come.

I’ve lost interest in Indian Pakistan.

So first interest has to be there. But no matter how interested you are in that subject, but if the self-discipline is not there, then there’s a problem.

But in the case of live, self-discipline is not required.

In live training, you just come, you spend two to three hours there. The same three hours of content which I conduct for public speaking, if I convert that into an online course, people and if I give people won’t complete, but same three hours people competing one go, same content.

When they are live, they spend time, three hours the same content person has consumed. self-discipline is a problem.

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