Why Is Public Speaking A Skill?

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Public Speaking | 9 comments

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting in the audience and someone is standing in front of you on the stage. Now this someone could be anyone. It could be a boss, junior, senior, trainer, anyone.

Are They Listening?

Now has this happened with you that when you’re sitting in the audience and someone is speaking in front of you and you are looking towards that someone even nodding your head sometimes, but not actively listening to that person, thinking about something else.

I remember asking this question to more than one lakh people by a poll.

This Is What The Poll Says

87% people said Praveen, yes, it’s very common and 13% people said, no, it’s not. 

Addressing the 13%

So, let me first address 13% people who said, no, it’s not common. Understand this from this data. Next time when you are standing on the stage and when you are speaking, I’m talking about 13% people, you have to understand this around 87% people sitting in front of you, looking towards you, nodding their head might not be actively listening to you.

Addressing the 87%

And coming to this 87% people, if this is so common that when you sit in front of people, you are not actively listening. If this is so common, what is the guarantee then when next time when you are speaking in front of people and when they are looking towards you, they are listening to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, and girls speaking in such a way that maximum people listen to you is a simple skill.

Public Speaking Is A Skill

You expecting going on the stage and speaking effectively, engaging the audience without learning that skill is as good as you expecting that you are entering inside the water and start swimming smoothly without learning swimming, or just sit on a cycle and start riding that cycle without learning how to cycle.

If these expectations are not fair, even that expectation on the stage is not fair.


  1. Uma Nataraj

    Yes. Very true. Many times, people may just be looking at us. They may not be listening to us. We have to add value to our speech to make them listen.

  2. Suraj

    I do agree, it sometime not easy to have everybody listening.

    People some, time just look at the presenter and try to pretend as if they are listening, however, their brain is thinking and doing something else.

  3. Sanjay B L

    I had joined the course

  4. Settu Kandasamy

    A dancer practises at least three to five years to perform on a stage. A singer practice at least three to five years rigorous practise with the guidance of Guru to start performing on a stage. Like that speaking also a skill that requires practice under the guidance of experts. We find here Speak & Grow is the forum to create and develop the ability.


    Yes, I observed that some people do not listen at all, only looking at speaker. Sometimes if you laugh or clap after listening to the speaker, they will ask, what happened, why are you clapping or laughing?
    That’s why public speaking is a learnable skill & you speak in such a way that everyone should listen to you.


    Pumblic Speaking is really an art and a skill to be developed with daily practice and consistent improvement in yourself will develop a self confidence in yourself which resulted better result. But it needs daily practice even though you ae perfect in your skill. you have to develpop an innovative method of your ouen speech and a unique style of telling the story. Story is one of the easiest way of telliing to impre your speeking skill. Ultimately your are the (Spea)KING while your are speaking that confidence is to be developed.

  7. T. JEYAS

    If it is a huge audience, and the topic is relaevant, the audience will act as an Active listner. If they are actively engaged by activities or questions, there might be a possibility of conversion of 50% Active listners

  8. T. JEYAS

    If the topic is relevant to them, the audience will act as an Active listner. They can also actively engaged by activities or questions, so that there might be a possibility of conversion of 50% Inactive listners to Active listners.

  9. yash pahuja

    Public Speaking Skill is essential if we want a complete audience engagement


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