Why It’s Difficult To Get Rid of Public Speaking Fear

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Public Speaking | 23 comments

Now, you are aware about this study. 

The biggest fear in this world is fear of public speaking. 

Keep this aside. 

Let’s talk about some other fear. 

Imagine for a moment that you have fear of water. 

Ways To Get Rid Of Fear

Now, how you will get rid of fear of water. You have to face the water. You have to go inside the water. 

Of course you will take someone’s help, but the only way to get rid of fear of water, face water. 

Imagine for a moment that you have fear of heights, how you will get rid. Of course you go on heights under some supervision, but you have to face heights to get rid of fear of heights. 

But if you have fear of public speaking, the only way to get rid of fear of public speaking is to stand in front of the public. 

But the public is busy. It’s very difficult to ask four to five people to sit in front of you so you can deliver. They all are busy in their life.

Make Public Available

The biggest problem with fear of public speaking is that even if you decide to get rid of fear of public speaking, public is not available. 

The way water is available, height is available, public is not available. 

That’s the reason for years, people were not able to manage, to get rid of fear of public speaking. 

So, my suggestion to you is these two number one, create opportunities in your life so you can stand and speak in front of the public. 

It could be as simple as this. 

Grab Opportunities

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting in a conference in the audience. And when a speaker asks any question, you should be the first person to raise your hand. 

Yes, stand and speak, you’re actually asking questions at the same time, you are practicing public speaking, getting rid of fear of public speaking because you are standing in front of public and speaking. 

Even in your office, at your home, create opportunities to stand alone and speak. 

Second, join some clubs, join public speaking clubs like Toastmasters, go do some open mics where you can stand and speak. 

Doesn’t matter if it’s even a small group, but there’s only one way to improve public speaking, public speaking. 

There’s no other way. 

If you have liked this tip, do share with your friends and family, 

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again with a new tip.


  1. Aakib khan

    Actually, before doing something such as communication, public speaking even speaking in front of an individual person, firstly, we have to win the confidence. Because the first barrier of speaking and public spending I, e. low confidence.


    One should start within their family to speak effectively about their thoughts, I had this problem of communicating properly even to my mom,dad,my girlfriend.So,to be better speaker instead of finding public,start within your family.As the saying goes”Charity begins at home”.

  3. joise

    yes, its true . Need to practice by creating lot of opportunities

      • krishna keshari

        More practice more results got lot of information to avoid fear and getting confidence to speak

  4. Asif

    The perspective is right…Face the fear that you would like to get rid of… Once you turn around the fear runs away…

  5. C.Raghava Rao

    When you separate from other person and speak that is public speaking. Only thing is you have to remember 5 Ws and one H.
    What, why, whom, where, Why and How.
    Organise and talk.
    Speak to express not to impress

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂

      • J S Lokesha

        Nice examples given to get rid of public speaking fear .
        Thank u Mr. Praveen

  6. Ajay Kumar Pattnaik

    We need to practise through self talk which provides the opportunity to speak without fear , then with the members of the family and finally in the stage facing the audience in a small or gathering.

  7. Pandy

    Praveen, your point is well taken. However, I have other side too.

    As per hypnosis concept, the harder you try the least you get.

    Keep failing also creates sort of negative frame work.
    Hence, taking it as such helps some time.

    • Dr M R S Raju

      The harder you try the least you get, appears to be not true. If we try hard there are chances of getting anything. I am trying hard and getting rid of public speaking fear. Almost got rid of it.

  8. Pravat

    Excellent analogy. Yes, for sure every opportunity should be encashed to practice public speaking, may be at home, in public events, social gathering, etc.
    Make your mark.

  9. Judhisthir das

    Absolutely correct. Exposure, again again exposure is the best therapy to remove fear.
    But initial guidance or help some time is needed to prevent catastrophe or any adverse effect that you have mentioned beautifully in your article. Thank you very for your tips❤️

  10. Haresh Tinna

    My question is, if we speak in camera and practice speaking, will it not help in public speaking? Mr Praveen please clear this query. Thank you.

  11. J S Lokesha

    Nice examples given to get rid of public speaking fear .
    Thank u Mr. Praveen

    • Praveen Wadalkar

      Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback🙂


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