Why It’s Important To Know Your Weakness To Achieve Your Goals?

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Strength or Weakness?

Can I ask you a question? If you want to achieve your goal; what is more important to know, your strengths or your weaknesses? And you have to choose only one. 

Cheetah Vs Chinkara

But before you make up your mind, let me share a story with you. I was watching discovery channel and I saw the cheetah world’s fastest animal, a hunting cheetah. We all know Cheetah has so many strengths, small flat face, large eyes with binocular vision, large nostrils with enlarging lungs to take more oxygen and enlarged heart and arteries to spread that oxygen throughout the body, aerodynamic body, long legs, for counterbalancing. 

Cheetah Is Faster But Chinkara Is Smarter

Cheetah can accelerate from zero to 120 kilometers, just in three seconds, faster than any animal on this earth, and Chinkara stands nowhere in front of Cheetah, and then the hunt starts. Cheetah slowly comes near and then run starts and Cheetah is running, Chinkara is running and Chinkara soon realizes he is nowhere in the speed. Purposefully Chinkara slows down. Cheetah feels Chinkara has given up. Cheetah accelerates to his fastest speed and comes near Chinkara and about to attack when Chinkara turns. Cheetah goes there. Chinkara goes here because Chinkara knows at the highest speed Cheetah cannot turn. 

One weakness of Cheetah, an ability to turn at the highest speed has decided the result of this battle. 

Can I ask you a question? What is more important? To know your strengths or to know your weaknesses? We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses.

We all have goals, but maybe strength has helped us to reach somewhere in our life, or maybe strength will help us to reach somewhere in our life. But after that, maybe your weakness will stop you from moving further towards your goal. 

My Weaknesses

I have lots of weaknesses in my life. My biggest weakness was when I came to Mumbai from a small city, Communication. I was not able to speak in front of people. Last few years, I worked on my weakness because I knew if I didn’t work on my weakness, this weakness would stop me from moving further.

Now I have another weakness. Some will say it’s ridiculous. But trust me, because of this weakness; I was facing so many problems. Every day, this weakness was putting me in a stressful situation.  Every day, this weakness was taking my time. The habit of keeping anything anywhere;  

Yes, now this might sound very ridiculous to you but according to one survey average office person spends 90 minutes searching for things. Yes, 42 days per year in just searching for things and I’m one of them. So I thought I should work on this weakness.

The ‘Search’ Operation

Remember, once I was on a train and TC came. I took 10 minutes to search for my ticket. Ten minutes, this pocket, that pocket, this bag, purse everything. 

I decided then for every important thing in my life I should decide a place and a discipline to keep that thing only at that place. 

I Am Working On My Weaknesses

I’m working on my weakness because I know if I don’t work on this weakness, this will stop me from moving further in my life and today I know everything, whatever I know, where is my car key? I know where my purse is? I know most of the important things which I have in my life. I know where the place is, that I’ve kept those things and this might sound very simple to you but this is saving a lot of my time. Yes, and this saves time will help me to move further in my life. 

Time Saved Is Time Earned

I can do something productive in this. Whatever time I’m saving from converting this weakness into strength. Maybe this is not your weakness, but the point I’m making is with the help of your strengths. You can reach somewhere in your life, but after that, maybe your weakness will stop you from moving further. 

Do You Know Your Weaknesses?

But the most important thing is, do you know your weakness? I know I have made a list of my weaknesses. 

Have you made the list of your weaknesses, because if you want to achieve your goals, it’s important to know your strengths, but it’s equally important to know what your weaknesses are?

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    Excellent Praveen Sir


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