Why Public Speaking Is The Simplest Form of Communication

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How many of you agree with this belief? I will take your view on the poll?

How many of you agree with this belief that there are only two types of communication, one is a one to many and another is one to one, one to one is very clear.

There’s some discussion required in one to many, because many times we feel that when we say one too many, that’s called public speaking many times, we feel that we have to have four to five people, 10 people, 100 people.

But as a student of public speaking, I must tell you moment, if you have more than one person, that’s one to many.

For example, the way I speak in front of my mother, one to one, I’m a different person. And the way I speak to my mother in front of my dad, or the way my mother speaks to me one to one, she is a different person, at least in communication. And when she speaks with me in front of my dad, she’s a different person.

How many of you agree with this that Praveen, yes, even I have observed is that if I have to give one more example, imagine your boss, with your subordinate, one to one, and in the presence of your boss, your boss is there with you, and imagine there’s a subordinate, then? Because there are two people now, is it different?

How many of you agree with this? Yes, Praveen, I agree with you click on A. Click on B Praveen, I don’t agree with you that even the presence of one person can change the communication, or even the presence of one person can change the communication provide? A or B?

Let me end the poll.

So 95% of people said yes.

Agreed. Very nice.

So why we think that public speaking is all about standing on the stage and speaking.

Don’t you feel that even when you’re standing in front of your family members, or one or two colleagues, you’re doing public speaking only?

So first definition, which I got really got redefined. As a student that public speaking is not about that big, elevated platform is about standing on the stage and speaking No, not at all.

That is just one style of public speaking. But the moment you open your mouth, you are doing public speaking. So that is one too many. So the definition of many if not necessarily many, could be one or two also.

And then one to one. One to many or one to one.

How many of you think that Praveen?

Yes, these are the only two types of communication we have one to many or one to one?

How many of you agree with this click on agree or no Praveen there has to be another type of communication also, if you disagree, agree or disagree and those who are clicking on disagree I want you to keep your answers ready.

I will open the chat I would like to know what do you mean by that there is one more type of communication 38% of people let me open the chat, tell me what is the third type of communication then?

Those who said maybe what is the third type of communication nonverbal, but that’s Sunil already started advice. When I start my course you can check your teachable accounts or you can start your course is already there.

When talking with my friends, many, many too many. Depends on the situation body language. Talk apps, Monica said I got the answer.

Monica just say hi in the chatbox. If you say Praveen Yes, can just allow me to unmute. I would like to say I would like to tell my answer. Just say hi in the chatbox if you want me to unmute Monica, can I know, I’m talking about Monica.

She gave me the answer.

One answer which I want her to explain other than I explaining it. When I’m just counting for five seconds.

One, two. Yeah. Monica, thank you very much for allowing you allowing me to speak so.

I’m allowing you to speak Monica, can you just tell me what’s your answer?

Monica: Hello. Good evening sir.

Good evening! Go ahead. Tell me what is the third type of communication?

The third type of communication is intrapersonal communication like meditation with yourself like to know yourself, ownself only.

Good, I would have taken this conversation further, but there’s some problem at your end in audio.

But absolutely, even this communication, ladies and gentlemen, which I recently realized, I must tell you this when I became a student of meditation and I was sitting there for hours for meditating, focusing on my breath.

Now those who are a true student of meditation, they will accept this when we sit like this for focusing on our breath for half an hour, maybe for a few minutes, a few minutes, that too in the break and break, we are actually focusing on breath otherwise your mind is talking only, what you speak and I’m not talking about you’re actually speaking alone.

You’re mumbling or speaking, no, even your mouth is shut. It’s talking, right? So the way you talk with yourself, don’t you feel even that’s a very critical piece of communication. How many of you agree with this? Yes, we agree with this click on A yes even that is a very important part of communication the way we speak with ourselves.

Click on B, no, I don’t think so, that is important the way we speak with ourselves A or B?

Let me end the poll and let me share the results with you.

So 94% of people said Praveen A. So 94% accepted. So there are three types of communication.

Now my question to you is this before we enter into interpersonal communication today, according to you, and then I will put my concept in front of you, according to you. Which one is the most difficult?

According to you, what is the most difficult? A public speaking, B one to one or three is self-talk. One minute, the most difficult, I’m launching a poll, A public speaking, B you are speaking one to one, C self-talk, the most difficult one talking.

So according to you if the public speaking is the most difficult click on A. if one to one is the most difficult click on B, if self-talk is the most difficult, click on C. That’s the beauty of poll, means like hundreds of people here and we have access to the collective wisdom of hundreds of people that we should say thank you to all those people have played a vital role in this technological evolution, isn’t it?

Let me share the results with you. 63% of people said A that is public speaking, 8% people said B that is interpersonal communication, and 30% people said C is self talk.

These numbers are very important. So 63%, 8% and 30% A, B, C, okay, now listen to my perspective. And then I would like to know whether how many of you are reconsidering or maybe sticking to their views? A is what public speaking correct? You stand in front of the public and you speak whenever you do that, you always an opportunity to prepare your content most of the time right? Your boss will always say hey, tomorrow is your presentation, prepare yourself you get a whole day and night.

Now, that point is different in that people are not learning the techniques and methods of public speaking and they’re struggling to speak that is very secondary that but they will do with anything. You are not learning this you will struggle to do this that secondary.

Imagine for a moment you have learned the techniques and methods of public speaking then what’s the problem? There’s no problem. Why because when you’re going on the stage, It’s all prepared. When I conduct for example training workshops now these are more on discussion educational, but on Sunday when I conduct workshops, I do it step by step.

Everything is prepared, it has to be like that only. So if you have learned techniques and methods prepared those techniques and methods we have worked on your mindset now you don’t have that fear of public speaking and all because you’re treating like that any skill. So that’s easy.

Let’s come one to one. 8% of people said Praveen one to one is difficult. Not A or C, only 8%. So 92% of people here believe that one-to-one conversation is very easy. Really? Tell me?

What decides the quality of one relationship at your workplace, the way you communicate with the world, or the way you communicate with your colleagues? What decides the quality of communication? What is the quality of your relationship with your family members, the way you communicate? With your wife, with your husband, with your child, what decides the quality of your relationship, the way you communicate, right?

The way we behave the way we think. Maybe with my son, I’m not liking something but the way I communicate what I’m not liking. That makes a difference. Right? My father has to communicate only like this ‘shouting’. That’s the only way of communication for my father. But of course, I love my father.

But what are you thinking inside, that is secondary, but the way you’re communicating with the world or with the people, that makes a very important, very critical part in building your relationship. How many of you agree with this? Click on agree. Yes, agree with this, that the way we communicate one to one, makes a huge difference in the way we build relationships. Agree. Disagree, if you say no, I don’t agree with this. Agree or disagree?

Let me end the poll and let me share the result. 96% of people said Praveen agree and 4% people said Praveen disagree. So 96% So, you are seeing 8% people that are not very difficult. So you must be having a very good relationship with the world right?

So if the one-to-one conversation is so easy, then why we see so much pain in relationships, why so many misunderstandings, why people are not liking each other, why parents are not liking kids or kids are not liking parents or there is a communication gap. If it is so easy.

Now, in the light of these two things, that public speaking is simple techniques and methods. You learn you’re prepared. You have time you apply the techniques and methods go and speak.

One to one, you don’t know you have to be extempore, impromptu, the person mood I don’t know the way I speak with my dad is different senior manager, Junior manager. My boss is very difficult. So I have to change my tone when my boss is there. My senior my is very verbose or very introvert. So I have to change my tone. So I have to think here, the same talk. Doesn’t matter whether you are introvert, extrovert, negative, positive like-minded, not like-minded, right-minded, same kind of talks here, or every time I have to change it.

Now in the light of this, how many of you think that yes, I think my public speaking is easier than one to one conversation? If you think that then just say agree, public speaking seems more easily than one-to-one conversation. Agree or disagree? I think it seems if I follow this if I learn the techniques and methods of public speaking, I think public speaking is easier than one-to-one conversation. Agree or disagree?

Now, 58% of people said Praveen, you’re changing your thinking rethinking reconsidering, in the last five minutes. Good, not bad. Now 30% of people said, self-talk is difficult. If you ask me, ladies and gentlemen, if I have to pick as a student of communication, keeping everything aside, only a boy sitting in front of you who has decided three years ago that I should become a student of this skill. That doesn’t mean that I am a student of only this skill. I’m a student of meditation also running also mountaineering also. But I’m learning film direction also now. So I’m a student of multiple things in school of life. One is public speaking three years.

So I’m a three years old student of public speaking. So my understanding is slightly different than other people’s because I’m studying this subject. And if you ask me, as a student of public speaking, I would say, the most difficult type of communication if I have to choose from these three, public speaking, one to one, and self-talk, is the self-talk.

Wherever you will reach in your life is the direction you give to yourself as you’re the output of your own decisions, you’re the output of your own talks. What is self-talk is not mumbling self-talk is not talking. self-talk is not going here. So today, we are not going to focus on public speaking. Today, we are not going to focus on self-talk. Today, let’s stick to the agenda, we’ll talk about only one to one conversation.


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