Why You Should Not Believe in Yourself

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Public Speaking | 13 comments

Many times, I’ve heard people saying this that we should believe in ourselves, self-belief is the key.

But I think sometimes it’s very important for us to disbelieve. We should not believe in ourselves.

Why We Should Not Believe In Ourselves

Imagine for a moment that you are participating in one competition. If you strongly start believing in this, that yes, I’m going to win this competition, even before you participate, even before the results are out, the strong belief that yes, I’m going to win then you might feel a little relaxed.

But on other hand, if you start this believing in yourself that no, maybe not, which many of us we do, many of us before the competition, we have that small bug or small thoughts somewhere in our mind that maybe we will or I will not win this competition.

But that’s the true thought and if you’re accepting that thought and if you’re disbelieving in yourself that, yes, I don’t believe a hundred percent that I’m going to win this competition, I disbelieve in me.

The Outcome of Disbelief

The moment, you disbelieve, you will start working hard, you will start stretching your limits, you will go beyond your capacity for that competition.

So, when you disbelieve in yourself it’s very positive. When you disbelieve in yourself, you try to work hard at every point of time in every moment.

So not necessary we have to believe and stay relaxed, maybe sometimes in your life, disbelief and stretch your limit, go beyond your capacity.

What’s your perspective on this?


  1. Sathyamoorthi

    Yes, it’s true. Because we learned little size but we unlearned is world size..

  2. SETTU

    Ya Praveen, disbelieve sometimes give power to move very strongly towards the goal. It makes curiosity to discover more in order to avaid failure. What’s important here is we have to generate the power for ourselves to over come the disbelieve.


    Yes Sir,
    I also agree and convince that we should not tbe total 100% belief in our self. Some disbelief shlould be left for hard work and improvement in your self.

  4. Rajiv

    It seems to be good

  5. rajkumar pal

    Yes I am agree on this.
    Most of the time people are don’t believe in himself because they are not open to their past programming and new opportunities:
    People always dwelling on this two delema of confusion and end up with lot mess in his thoughts and beliefs what they want to deal with situation.

  6. Rajat Kulkarni

    May be.. There are two sides of the same coin, depends which angle you are looking at that situation.

  7. Unnikrishnan

    Believing in one self happens with back up of full preparation. Once you believe , that’s a commitment to self. Then you work towards it. Butterflies in stomech is not a sign of disbelief.
    We also need to forgive ourselves as winning depends on other factors. If the performance was up to your bench mark… You have already won. Like Carnegy said , what matters most is what you are thinking about what you have done. Not what others have thought about it.

  8. Rajasekar

    Belief systems are implanted poison seeds by our society. All are born with clear clean mind. Winning is within my thought process. Belief of ourself needs introspection to be a better person.

  9. Veenu

    Life is with hope ,hope grows with your own self comitments.To grow and fulfill your commitments you need to believe in yourself .Self believe comes with great paths and if with full confidence you move on it success is your achievement .So believe in self and have happy success life.

  10. Sandip Deshmukh

    If u cross thin line of belief….

    You will start living in the phase of pseudo achievement ..if that overcome your mind ..you will not be excited to put efforts to achieve because you already lived that moment


    I agree PRAVEEN what you are conveying is you slack or ebb a little. If you convince yourself that you are above competition. You tend to believe you are invincible. We should be ready to give 101% or fighting fit until the results are out.


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