Why You Should Research Before Creating an Online Course For eLearning Business

by | May 3, 2020 | eLearning | 2 comments

Importance of Research

To start an eLearning business, first you need to have a product to sell. 

That product is your elearning course. 

Research material online that is already there in the market w.r.t your skill identified. We have to first accept the fact that there are already people doing what you are doing. 

As an investor when I sit in front of startup entrepreneurs, and when they tell me that this is the first time in the world that we have this idea and no one has ever thought about it before, we get skeptical about it. 

We hesitate to invest in those businesses that are the first of its kind. It means somewhere your research is not good. 

In terms of online courses, the best place to research is Udemy. It has 295 million course enrollments, 57000 instructors teaching in 65 languages, and about 50 million students on it. It is the best platform that’s out there. 

Just look for your skill there and find relevant courses. For example, Leadership. Search for ‘Leadership’ on Udemy. Pick a bestseller course and check it out. See exactly what that person is selling, the framework, the structure, etc. 

I am not expecting you to copy that content. No! 

There is a difference between research and copying. But because you are entering the market and you have no experience in making online courses, it is very important for you to do the research so that you can learn from people who have already done it and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel again. 

See what the person is teaching, see the structure, see what enhancements you could make in your course, see what you can offer that the other person is not offering. 

Most of the online courses have 8-9 sections and under each section 4-5 lectures. That’s it. 

The duration of each lecture is not more than 5-10 mins. That’s how the online courses are structured. 

This is a simple structure of any online course. Find out how they are doing in your niche. 

Do not ignore the research part. 


  1. Utpal Datta

    Good, but too short

    • Tapan Majumdar

      Very informative and helpful


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