Words have no meaning ..unless we discuss

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First of all, Praveen, let’s don’t say sir but you know, you can take my name, my name is Balkishan so call me by my name.

So, you can feel the connection, right? And I already consider you as my coach for the next one year or whatever period it is

So, when you said teaching and training, I understood the meaning of those two words. So, let me explain the meaning of sir.

Meaning of sir


If you keep that meaning of Sir aside what normally we feel that when I say sir and I mean that word, within my capacity as a student of communication, every word I speak, I mean that word, right? So what is the meaning of Sir to me?

Sir implies or indicates that, even if you have considered me as your coach or trainer, that’s your thought, but I don’t consider myself as a trainer I don’t consider myself as a coach, I don’t consider myself as a person who can change the world or change someone.

True relationship

I am a student of communication, I’m just sharing my experience and you are learning from that experience. From that experience, and from the resources which we have, whether its team support, experience, and results from nowhere so I don’t consider myself not for sake of saying that but I don’t consider myself anything.

So when I don’t consider myself anything, or trainer or coach or this or that. Sir is the word that helps me to maintain equilibrium with you.

The true relationship that I’m sitting with one human being is not a relationship, you are here and I’m here. That’s not the life for me.

My life for me is that we are two simple human beings, we are working together, we are talking, we are just speaking, we are discussing, we’re inquiring, we are investigating, and together we will reach somewhere that’s it.

When I say sir, so I consider you here and I consider myself here. That’s not the definition of self.

So we both do have permission to use that word. So now you know the context or the meaning of the word.


So it’s very humble of you, you know, what he said and as actually shows, as a person how you are going, to be honest.

And that is the main reason I think one of the reasons, apart from your stress says your hard work, your passion, your interest, and this is one of the reasons of you being so successful and being loved by people, your humbleness, and you are being grounded.

So, in that case, if you call me sir then I will also call you sir so that we are on the same page


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