You Can’t Hire Someone To Speak

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Public Speaking | 0 comments

Dr. Subra Mukherjee: I read a book and it was written, when you grow at a certain level in life, maybe you become the CEO of the company or whatever according to you is the highest level you reach there, you do have people for writing for you, the emails and the speeches, but speaking you have to do it yourself.

So this was a very powerful statement from one of the mind maps.

I’m in a mind mapper community there is a world community. So I’m a part of that community.

So there we discuss all these things, so there one person said, you read you write but once you reach a position, these things will be taken care of. But you have to learn to speak.

Praveen Wadalkar: Reading also you can’t take care of, you have to read. Someone can still give the synopsis of it.
No. Now if there are people who don’t have time at all, somebody will give them the synopsis.

Dr. Subra Mukherjee: Somebody will write the emails and all those businesses whatever things are not speaking but you cannot represent somebody else on your behalf you, have to speak.

Praveen Wadalkar: No one can speak on behalf of you, right?

Dr. Subra Mukherjee: That’s why speaking is important.


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