What Are The Three Core Categories of Skill?

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Should We Always Be In The Video Or Just The Screen Or Share Slides With Voice Over Would Work?

There are two ways of answering this question or other two ways of understanding this question.

One way is you have technical limitations; you don’t want to show the video example, You’re teaching coding, you’re teaching HTML, you’re teaching Java Scripting and you don’t want to show your video. Your video has nothing to do with them. People are focused on codes and everything.

But, if you’re asking this, if that you’re hesitant to show your face to the world, you’re not confident in showing your face, but I must tell you that’s not fair. So whether you like, or don’t know, like, this is how I am, this is how I look. You have to feel proud about the way you are.

If you really want to feel shame about something, feel shame about your skills that I don’t know how to speak. I don’t know. In the light of the fact that people are making millions of rupees by spending Sundays and Saturdays, and I still working hard, the amount of money which I make in one workshop, there are people that have to work for one year to own the same amount of money.

So you said Praveen, I cannot reach there. Feel shame about that. If you feel like that, if you accept that, yes, I cannot reach there, but I will take small, small action. I know I can reach that. Feel proud about that. Don’t feel shame about that.

But if you feel shame about yourself, that feel shame about all this. When you accept that you have failed each and every person who knows here that he has, there is a potential. If I can do even you can do, but you have accepted no mere see to nahi hoga.. that’s called failure. Feel shame about that. Don’t feel shame about your face, show your face and every phase, no matter how you are, if you smile, you look good.

How to use interactive display?

So, I’ve never used interactive display. So I’m not the right person to answer that question. I’m sorry for this.

How Do You Get Rid Of Traffics, Outside Noise While Recording, Even Though I Have A Mic And Windows Are Close Too?

You have to do a acoustic treatment. Even doing a acoustic treatment is not very costly. Sometimes understand, understand the noise or echo or the noise is coming from outside. See, there is acoustic sheet which will cost you hardly 1000 or 2000 rupees, not more than that.

Even if you put that acoustic sheet on your wall, right, then also they will be implementing your voice. You might have felt here that in this echo, right there is an echo in this room.

The worst thing was material for noise for voice of a sound is glass. If I have to show you, I’m surrounded, you know, let me show you that also.

You will understand, because this is a very important point. Many people they’re so frustrated with this sound.

So if I have to show you, see I’m surrounded, I’m surrounded by complete glass. So this is glass from this side. This is my office. This is glass from here. If you see the backside, even this is glass, even roof, there’s some glass work here, also glass. So there’s complete glasswork and which is the last thing you should do.

But, I’m building; I’m creating a studio now, acoustic studio and all because I love because this is my bread and butter doing live webinars. As soon I will be creating acoustic studio where the sound will be improved.

The point I’m making is that do not make videos in glass, if all surrounded by glass, because glass is the material, which will throw the sound and they don’t throw the sound in the correct wave, it gives the sound. It’s really; it’s very poor material for the sound.

The best is wall wood absorbing the sound?

So to be very precise to your question, let me share the screen; to very precise, to a question, make sure your windows and everything are closed and make sure you’re not speaking in the glass atmosphere.

What Do You Say About Reaching Out To My Native Language Speakers ?

So forget the global audience, whether you like it, or don’t like it?

At the start of the workshop when I asked, share your zone 40 to 45% people are from South India.

So forget the local global audience, even in India, if you want to reach everyone, you have to speak in English only like it don’t like it. This is the truth.

You cannot erase that 200 years from the history of India that we were ruled by British people. And they have given this language to us in such a way it’s deeply rooted in our DNA.

It’s the part of our constitution now so there are two options in front of you either say Praveen, I don’t want to learn English, whatever your local languages, then the audience is limited even though the limited audience is enough to make millions. There are few people that they trained only in their native language.

Which Feedback To Be Considered As A Constructive And We Should Accommodate Them In Your Course?

As I told you, let me ask this question to answer this question.

Tell me how many of you today have liked me, click on A, if you’re liking me or click on B, if you’re not liking me, click on, if you’re liking me, click on B. If you’re not liking me A or B, A or B.

Okay now, normally it doesn’t happen like this, but it does happen today normally at least. Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. So thank you very much. Okay so the point that I thought all hundred wasn’t like a walk today. So the point I’m making ladies and gentlemen, audience, it will never happen no matter, even if you’re cutting your neck and putting in front of the audience, there will be a small percentage of people.

So here, two persons; one plus one; 2% people, they’re not liking me, right?

What is the objective of me giving that poll with disconnection?

Audience feedback, student’s feedback is good to evaluate how they’re reacting to the current content. It’s good from that perspective, but if you really want to improve, then students will never change, tells you what to do.

You have to meet someone who doing better than example. If I have to improve my public speaking courses, that student feedback is yes. It’s important that someone who likes someone will not like, but if I genuinely want to improve then I have to open my eyes and I have to see, is there anyone else who is doing far better than me in public speaking?

What do you mean by far better than me in public speaking?

Far better than me means that person is learning, applying skills, implementing skills in his life or her life and growing personally and professionally and financially, by applying that skill that is called better, not speaking on the stage and getting standing ovation. That is not called better in public speaking skills, but actually growing personally, professionally and financially.

So if I see someone fortunately not in India, and I know that a few people on the planet doing far better than me in public speaking, I will love to learn from them.

The audience will give one feedback. That’s good, but if you really want to do constructive feedback and you have to reach those people.

What If The Skill That I Have Is Not Mass Appealing?

You have to categorize your skill, how to categorize your skill.

What do mean by mass appealing?

What is the definition of mass appealing?

Mass appealing means a skill which is highly scalable and highly sellable.

What do you mean by that?

Highly scalable with many people, many people want that skill. Well, many people want to learn that scalable, highly sellable. Many people want to buy, many people want to buy.

So these are three types of skills, which are highly sellable and highly scalable.

There are three types of categories. Now you have to put your skill under this category.

The first one is health, any skill, which is related to health, spiritual health, mental health, yoga, making six pack abs on health. Show me one person who says this. I don’t want to; I don’t want good health, highly sellable, highly scalable.

Second, relationship, what do mean by relationship? I’m not just talking about romantic relationship when I started doing game of trust, but I started traveling outside and trusting people and gave that TEDx Talk. Lots of corporate started calling me because that TEDx Talk why you should speak strange to strangers is all about building trust, building relationship. So a lot of corporate started calling me and saying that proven, can you come to our office and give session on trust? I said, why? – Because unless, and until colleagues don’t trust each other, they can’t build relationships. Even colleagues, office relationship, so second is relationship parenting this and that relationship.

Third one, if you can help people to make money, what kind of money? So example today’s workshop was not the primary objective. What some secondary objective was help her to understand how to make money, enough money by spending very little time right. Now on investment stocks, buying land, retail, real estate, there’s all our money. So if your skill is under these three categories, first health relationship and moneymaking, it’s highly scalable and highly scalable.

So even if it is not under these three categories, I must tell you, world is big.

If you properly can focus on your raw material and machine, you will make enough money.

No one needs got loads of rupees to live a healthy life. I must do that.

No one, if you are a good person, you can’t even spend codes of rupees. Money’s not the solution.


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