Zoom Virtual Background – Good Or Bad

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Nowadays, I see lots of people are using virtual backgrounds, especially when they go live on zoom or some other live broadcasting platform.

Let’s understand the importance of background today. You might have observed that sometimes when we use virtual backgrounds, you might have seen people merging inside the background, or people disappearing, or their hands are disappearing, or hairs are disappearing. You might have seen that.

And that’s a crime in public speaking. What do you mean by that, when you’re speaking, you’re opening your mind’s mouth, you’re doing public speaking.

So it has been told to us that we standing on the stage, people sitting down, that’s called public speaking.

Public speaking is when you are opening your mouth, you’re speaking with the public only. So doesn’t matter where you’re opening your mouth in front of a zoom meeting camera, or front of people, your friends, colleagues, even your family members.

Whenever we speak, we are doing public speaking only. But especially when we are speaking with public and virtual meetings like this, where we have a large audience, and they’re sitting on another side. And because it’s virtual, many of them, take the liberty of just sitting relaxing and giving their mind partially involved.

Many times we have seen that it’s very important to speak in such a way that people are listening to you and nothing taking the attention of the audience away from the content, but you only merging inside the video, your hands disappearing, your hairs are disappearing, suddenly, don’t you feel that that will take the attention away from the content.

So use virtual background, if there is a feature available, we should use it. But for that the configuration of your laptop, the lighting the distance between you and the camera, all this you have to take care of it if you’re professional enough to do that.
That’s a skill which you have to learn. So if you have learned that skill, then use virtual backgrounds. Otherwise, reconsider, because you’re attempting one crime in front of people.

Whenever you’re speaking in front of people, something’s happening, which is taking the attention away from your words, number one.

Static Background

Number two, sometimes you say Praveen, no, I’m not worried about the virtual background, because I don’t use virtual backgrounds. But I use some kind of background, natural backgrounds, but sometimes I’m worried about my background, for example, am I worried right now? that are you focusing on maybe this wall, or maybe what is there on this shelf, am I worried?
I’m not asking whether you’re focusing there or not the question I’m asking, am I worried? You should not write when you are speaking, you should not be worried about what is there in your background.

Yes, if a girl standing and dancing, if something happening, people are moving, I agree. But in the static background, what will happen if there’s a static background stable, not moving? Initially, it’s very natural, that audience will just notice that, they will acknowledge that.

It Is A Crime!

But throughout the session, if the background is only taking the attention, then you have to learn how to speak in front of people because something is more important or something is more interesting than what you are speaking.
So you should not be worried about the background doesn’t matter what the background is, if it is not moving, not disturbing. Absolutely okay.

So even if there is a wall, the curtain doesn’t matter. Make sure something moving is not there, something moves, it takes the attention.

And in public speaking, it’s crime, nothing should take the attention away from the content.

Virtual Background Or Real Background?

So whether you’re using virtual background or real background, that is secondary. There’s one more important background.
And that is the key in public speaking. What’s going in your background thoughts. When you are speaking most of the time, this is how people treat public speaking.

They consider public speaking as performance. They have something in their mind and they want to deliver something so are prepared. Something they have prepared and now they’re delivering it.

Even extempo or impromptu was the example you’re a part of a panel discussion q&a session. During the session, you start preparing it, now that question will come I will answer like this, or I’m expecting that question I’m supposed to ask that question. You start preparing it and then whatever you have prepared in your mind you’re trying to deliver so you consider that as a performance.

So when you’re delivering you’re not speaking you’re delivering that content. Your mind is speaking.

Your mind is not busy speaking, it is busy delivering your background thoughts example, are they liking me or not liking me? Are they really understanding or not understanding?

Wait a minute, am I stretching the point or wait a minute see someone has moved behind me, doesn’t matter forget yours even if it has taken my attention moving background is not good.

So now that mind background is more important than this. This background you can control, I just shifted my camera now clear.

But that background, something going in your mind background thoughts that will take your attention away from the content your mind can be busy only in one thing at a time either your mind is busy in delivering the content or your mind is busy in thinking all that is called background thoughts.

So next time, you’re going and speaking in front of people virtual background still accepted, moving background still accepted but if your mind is speaking something else only inside and you’re just speaking, that is not accepted in public speaking.

Take care of anything which will take your attention or audience attention away from the content, it’s crime in public speaking.

This is Praveen Wadalkar signing out until we meet again.


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